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Rodrigues Regional Assembly
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 The Executive Council

The Executive Council holds the executive powers of the Regional Assembly. It is comprised of the Chief Commissioner, the Deputy Chief Commissioner and not more than five other Commissioners. The Executive council is responsible for the carrying out of the functions of the Regional Assembly and it develops policy on matters relating to Rodrigues.


The Executive Council is presently composed of :-
     1. Mr. Louis Serge Clair, G.C.S.K.
Chief Commissioner, Commissioner responsible for Central Administration, Civil Aviation (Administration), Education (Administration), Legal Services, Marine Services, Registration, Statistics in respect of Rodrigues, State Lands, Town and Country Planning, Tourism
     2. Mr. Nicolson Lisette
Deputy Chief Commissioner, Commissioner responsible for Public Infrastructure including Highways and Roads and Public Buildings and Utilities, Transport, Water Resources
     3. Mrs. Rose Marie Franchette Gaspard Pierre Louis,C.S.K
Commissioner responsible for Child Development, Cooperatives, Family Welfare, Handicraft, Industrial Development, Information Technology and Telecommunications, Prisons and Reforms Institutions (Administration), Trade, Commerce and Licensing, Vocational Training, Women’s Affairs
     4. Mr. Simon Pierre Roussety
Commissioner responsible for Civil Status, Community Development, Customs and Excise (Administration), Fire Services, Health (Administration), Judicial (Administration), Meteorology (Administration), Postal Services (Administration)
     5. Mr. Louis Daniel Baptiste
Commissioner responsible for Consumer Protection, Employment, Housing, Labour and Industrial Relations, Social Security (Administration)
     6. Mr. Jean Richard Payendee
Commissioner responsible for Agriculture, Environment, Fisheries. Food Production, Forestry, Marine Parks, Plant and Animal Quarantine
     7. Ms. Marie Rose de Lima Edouard
Commissioner responsible for Arts and Culture, Library Services, Museums, Archives, Historical Sites and Buildings, Youth and Sports