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Rodrigues Regional Assembly
Rodrigues Regional Assembly>About Us>The Mace and the Sergeant at Arms

 The Mace and the Sergeant at Arms

The Mace of the Rodrigues Regional Assembly is a gift from the National Assembly, offered at the setting up of the House in October 2002. The Mace is the symbol of authority in the House and when it is not within same, no parliamentary business can be carried out.

The Sergeant-at-Arms’ main duty is to maintain order and security in the Chamber as well as regulating security and access within the precincts of the Assembly House. He has power to arrest, without warrant, upon the orders of the Chairperson, any person executing a disturbance in the Assembly precincts.

His ceremonial duty is to lead the procession at the beginning and end of each sitting of the House, bearing the Mace on his right shoulder and preceding the Chairperson whenever she is entering or leaving the Chamber.