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Rodrigues Regional Assembly
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 Timeline of the Rodriguan fight to make Rodrigues an Autonomous Island

The fight for Autonomy started.
A Ministry for Rodrigues was created to deal with the affairs of Rodrigues.

For the first time, Mr Louis Serge Clair, a Rodriguan citizen became Minister for Rodrigues.



Rodrigues (Local Council) Act 1991 was voted by the Parliament of Mauritius to allow for the setting up of a Rodrigues Local Council.
The Local Council was established to advise the Minister for Rodrigues towards the development of Rodrigues.
15 March 1992
The Members of the Local Council were presented to the President of the Republic.
20 March 1992
The first election for the presidency of the Local Council and its first sitting were held.
Ms. Antoinette Prudence became the President thereof.
27 December 1992
The Local Council officially presented its flag.
By doing so, the Local Council wanted to affirm its identity and revealed its flag.
The flag displayed symbols of the identity of Rodrigues and the ambitions of the Council. The Rodriguan Map represented the will to make Rodrigues known. The Yellow Cardinal, an endemic bird represented the specificity of the island. The colours of the national flag framing the two corners, represented that Rodrigues forms part of the Republic of Mauritius.
A mission was undertaken to Trinidad and Tobaggo headed by the Ex-Judge Mr Robert Ahnee accompanied by Ms Antoinette Prudence.
The ex-judge Mr Robert Ahnee was commissioned to visit Trinidad and Tobaggo to study the system thereof, after which he drafted the Rodrigues Regional Assembly Bill which will later be read at the National Assembly.
20 November 2001
The Rodrigues Regional Bill was brought to the National Assembly for Second Reading.
The Constitution of Mauritius was amended.
The Rodrigues Regional Assembly Bill was voted unanimously.
Rodrigues was consequently given the status of autonomous.
29 September 2002
It was the first time that local elections were held to put in place a local government.
30 September 2002
The first local government was formed by 10 Members of the OPR party and the opposition by 8 Members of MR party.
The first Parliament comprised of:
1.   The Chairperson, Mr Joseph Chen Lye LAM VO HEE
2.   The Chief Commissioner, Mr Jean Daniel SPEVILLE
3.   The Deputy Chief Commissioner, Ms Marie Arlette PERRINE-BEGUE
4.   The Commissioner, Mr Nicolson Lisette
5.   The Commissioner, Mr. André Lelio ROUSSETY
6.      The Commissioner, Mr Soopramanien SOOPRAYEN
7.   The Minority Leader, Mr Johnson Roussety
8.   The Deputy Chairperson, Mr Jacques Pierre Louis
9.   Mr Jean Christian AGATHE
10. Ms Marie Lindsay CASTEL
11. Mr Joseph Allan Ladd EMILIEN
12. Mr Louis Philippe FRANCOIS
13. Mr Franceau Aubret GRANDCOURT
14. Mr Desire Laval GUILLAUME
16. Mr Robertson MERCURE
17. Ms Marie Therese MEUNIER
18. Ms Jacqueline PROSPER
19. Mr Jean Robert SPEVILLE