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Rodrigues Regional Assembly

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The Assembly stands adjourned for 06 September 2022 at 10hr30
The Regional Assembly is a parliamentary institution which plays a critical role in ensuring democracy.
The vision of the Rodrigues Regional Assembly is to be publicly perceived as an independent, effective and democratic legislature serving the people of Rodrigues.
The mission of the Regional Assembly serves to be an open, transparent and democratic legislature mound by the principles of good governance, accountability and probity in order to provide effective scrutiny, oversight and representation functions for the Rodriguan people according to the democratic principles as enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Mauritius and the RRA Act 2001.
The Regional Assembly is committed to the continuous provision of a high quality service to people visiting, contacting or doing business with it, delivered in a reliable and responsible manner by all employees.
We are committed to:
      • Provide high quality advice, facilities and services to enable the Assembly House and its Committees to conduct their business effectively as well as enabling individual Members to accomplish their parliamentary duties effectively;


      • Promote public knowledge and understanding of the work and role of the Assembly through the provision of organized regular visit and access to the public, the posting of information on the website of the Assembly and increasing awareness for the public to attend Assembly sittings;


      • Comply fully with Government guidelines and legislative provisions in our business transactions;


      • Interact with Members and the public in a positive manner and with respect, fairness, consistency, honesty and confidentiality, and to reply promptly whenever we are contacted;


      • Interact with the local, regional and international stakeholders/collaborators in order to enhance the democratic principles to which the Regional Assembly adheres to;


      • Stock and improve the quality of library information for in-house, and make available, in good time, documentation which is being requested;


      • Keep under constant review the parliamentary service to allow Members and staff of the Regional Assembly to discharge their duties in the best of conditions, and to be proactive in identifying available improvements to facilities and equipment.

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