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Rodrigues Regional Assembly


What law established the Regional Assembly?
Rodrigues Regional Assembly Act 2001
When was the first sitting of Assembly?
12 October 2002 – Rodrigues Day
When are elections held?
Elections are held every 5 years.
The last elections being in February 2017.
Who is the Chief Commissioner?
Mr. Louis Serge CLAIR, GCSK

Who is the Minority Leader?
Mr. Louis Joseph VON-MALLY, GOSK
How many members sit in the Assembly?
17 Members as per the law, including :
• 12 returned in 6 Local Regions; and
• 5 returned members as Island Region Members.
Quorum: 7 Members
Who are the OFFICIALS present in CHAMBER during the Assembly sittings?
Chairperson   – Mrs. Marie Pricie Anjela SPEVILLE
Clerk    – Miss M.L. Yannick LEGENTIL
Deputy Clerk    – Miss M.R. Axelle PULCHÉRIE
Sergeant-at-Arms  – PS Stenio CONSTANT PERRINE
Reporter/Assistant Reporter -  Ms. D.JUGROOP; Ms. S.ALLAS
Attendants/Ushers  – Mr. L.MARTIN; Mr. J.N.LISETTE
Security Staff
What is the Language used during Assembly sittings?
English and French should remain the language of this House for all speeches being made . Creole may be tolerated for the purpose of making a statement/quotation more intelligible and subject to the conditions already set in the Standing Orders as regards same.


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